£2 million! Eminem raises almost £2 million in support of Manchester victims

Eminem was able to raise a whopping £2 million with the help of social media to support the innocent victims of the Ariana Grande Manchester concert attack. Eminem whose real name is Marshall Mathers is often very quiet on social media, and it is very

rare for him to ever post or tweet anything. Well, that changed last Monday as Eminem d

ecided to tweet to encourage his fans to donate to a JustGiving page. This page would donate money towards

the families that were attacked at the Manchester MEN Arena during Ariana Grande’s concert bombing. It is important to know that it has been recorded that there has been twenty-two deaths and one hundred and nineteen injuries.

The page itself has raised approximately £1.8 million, and the end goal of the page is for the page to raise £2 million. Eminem is not the only person to raise funds for the page as other celebrities such as Justin Timberlake tweeted the link of the page to his millions of followers. It is worth noting that Eminem himself made an undisclosed payment into the page itself.

It is important to know that Eminem is not the only celebrity that has been raising funds for this horrible event. For example, the actor known as Tom Hardy has created his own JustGiving page for the victims of the bombing. When Hardy was talking about the awful situation, he called the act itself,” Cruel, cowardly and barbaric.”

Hardy has also set up a fund for the British Red Cross. The reason he did this was that he wants to help the families that have been affected by this tragedy. The page itself has already raised over a whopping £34,000 in the short amount of time that it has been created. When Hardy was talking about the fund for the British Red Cross he had the following to say,” I am hoping to raise money for The British Red Cross Society because the families and children will need support.”

I believe it is important in this article to include how the event actually happened. Well, after Ariana Grande had just finished her set, fans of the singer began to leave the concert. When the fans were leaving the concert, a suicide bomber decided to denote a bomb, and this explosion would kill twenty-two people and injure one hundred and nineteen people. There is footage of this online, and this footage shows people ranging from all ages, kids all the way to adults running in terror out of the arena after the bomb went off. It is important to know that it was mostly teenagers and children that were killed and injured as they only wanted to attend the arena to see their favourite pop star Ariana Grande perform.

When it comes to Ariana Grande, many are saying that she was devastated after the event took place. Grande later tweeted that she was,” Broken,” when she found out what happened at her concert. Now, because of this event Ariana has cancelled her Dangerous Woman tour as she feels she is in no state of mind to continue her tour around the world.

To conclude, it is speculated that this was a terrorist attack from ISIS as the British Government are said to be treating this situation as a terrorist incident. When it comes to Grande herself, it is confirmed that she will be doing a memorial concert in Manchester for the victims and she will be joined on stage by other famous pop stars such as Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry. Overall, this event has shocked the entire world and celebrities like Eminem and Hardy are doing everything they can to help these innocent families after the horrific attack.

By Matthew Mullane


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