Only 75! Beloved Bond girl Molly Peters dies at age 75

On Tuesday it was revealed that we had lost another beloved actress and that woman’s name was Molly Peters. Peters became a household name after she starred alongside Sir Sean Connery in the James Bond flick entitled Thunderball. Peters played a nurse in the action packed film called Patricia Fearing and was the love interest of Bond in the film which in the process made her a Bond girl.

It is important to include that the cause of her death is still unknown. The way that the tragic death was revelated to the public was by a tweet from the official James Bond twitter account. The sad tweet read,” We are sad to hear that Molly Peters has passed away at the age of 75. Our thoughts are with her family.”

Peters was arguably one of the most important Bond girls within the Bond franchise; this was because she made the most impact out of all the other women. The reason for this is because she was the first out of all the Bond girls to strip down on screen. It is said that because of the time that this film was released which was 1965 that the film was nearly X-rated. This led the production studios to cut parts out of the film so the action movie wouldn’t have an adult rating which would be bad for the film’s release. The reason this would be bad for the film’s release would be because the film would not make that much money as parents wouldn’t obviously bring their children to a film that was rated X because of nudity.

This horrific news just came after a week after another member of the Bond family had passed away. Last week former Bond star Roger Moore passed away at the age of eighty-nine. The cause of Moore’s death was revealed to be at the hands of the terminal disease cancer. It should also be noted that Moore didn’t suffer for long with this awful sickness as it was revealed that he only suffered from this illness for a short time before his death. I should also note that her death also comes after a speculated suicide death of Chris Cornell. Cornell became a member of the Bond family after one of his songs became a theme song for a James Bond film. The infamous song was called,” You Know My Name,” and the song was the theme song for the, “Casino Royale,” film.

To conclude, I should note that this was the film that made Peters famous as she didn’t have a gigantic filmography. After this film, Peters only made a handful of television appearances, and she then went to star in a slapstick comedy called,” Don’t Raise The Bridge, Lower The River,” and that film was released in the year of 1968. The reason to why her film and television career ended rather abruptly was because she got into an argument with her agent and this fight was the main reason to why her film career ended. The bottom line is that Peters was a Bond girl that made a huge impact on the franchise as she was the first Bond girl to test the waters of the franchise by stripping down shocking audiences in the sixties.

By Matthew Mullane




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