Where’s my share? Woman had dropped out of lotto syndicate weeks before the syndicate won the lotto jackpot

A single mother known as Hazel Loveday has had an eventful week, to say the least. For example, earlier this week Loveday fainted and had to be brought into a hospital to make sure she was okay. Well, what if I told you her fainting wasn’t the worst part of her week? Later on that day Loveday found out that the syndicate that she previously left which was made up of bus drivers had just won the lotto jackpot. The exact amount of money the syndicate won was a huge £38 million. This meant each man won £3.1 million divided among them. However, the real shocker is that Loveday has not received any money at all from the jackpot. Loveday commented on how nobody has spoken to her about her receiving any money by saying ,”I don’t know why they haven’t been in touch yet, they must be caught up with their win.”

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I believe it is important to include that the reason why Loveday left the syndicate was because she couldn’t afford to pay the £2 a week. The reason she couldn’t afford it was because she is a single mother who has to raise her four-year-old child all by herself. The reason why Loveday believes she should have a share of the money is because overall, she spent £200 on the syndicate over a period of more than two years.

Loveday found out that her old syndicate won the lotto while she was lying in her hospital bed after she fainted. However, instead of Loveday feeling any sense of hatred towards her old team she only has feelings of happiness for them. For example, this is what Loveday had to say when it came to talking about the people who were on her old team,” I was happy for them. I don’t want to dwell on what could have been.”

The lotto numbers themselves were picked by Stephen Derrick, and the winning numbers were,” 3,4,12,23,50.” When asked why Derrick picked those numbers he said it was to do with his own family’s birthdays. Derrick also commented on the situation with Loveday by saying he understands her predicament and that if he was going to follow up on it,” It will be in private.” This would mean that nobody in the public would know she had won any money as this could result in prejudice towards her. For example, a survey on the Daily Mail website showed that two-thirds of the Daily Mail’s viewers believe that she deserves no money at all. This could lead to hate towards the single mother as they will think she doesn’t deserve the money.

The picture to the left shows the winners of the £38 million celebrating with a bottle of champagne. When it comes to the eleven members of the syndicate, they all decided to go public and let everyone know about their lucky win. Many of the men revealed how they were going to spend the money. For example, basically, all of the men on the team want to enjoy the finer things in life whether it be a new car or a brand new house.

The leader of the syndicate who is called Mr Smith is seen in the picture holding the bottle of champagne revealed he is going to be spending some of the won money on his family. For example, he said he was going to buy his daughter a hot tub as she always wanted one. Here is the exact quote from Mr Smith,” ‘One thing she has always wanted is a hot tub, so I thought I better get it for her. “ When Smith was asked about the other members of the syndicate he had only good things to say. This is because he said the win couldn’t have happened to a,” Better bunch of blokes.” He also said that, ” Times have been very tough for everyone – we were facing up to shifts being cut, which can really hit you in the pocket.”

To conclude, the bus drivers are said to be having the time of their lives as Smith commented on the whole situation by saying,” This win means so much and is life-changing for everybody, people can live their dreams and help out their families.” However, when it comes to Hazel a friend of the Daily Mail was quoted saying that she is,” Absolutely gutted, devastated. She is completely broke.” The lottery has the power to change lives forever as Smith was quoted saying. These eleven bus drivers no longer have to risk their shifts being cut as now each of them are millionaires who can now enjoy the finer things in life. Overall, we hope nothing but the best for these lucky bus drivers, and we pray that Hazel will hopefully get out of her troubling situation soon.

By Matthew Mullane

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  1. I am sorry for the lady however she did drop out and is not entitled to anything. She couldn’t go to Camelot and say she couldn’t afford it and expect to get paid same thing.

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