Winners! A team of seven lotto pub syndicates win £1M, and you will never guess where they found the golden ticket.

It was just a normal day at Saltburn-by-the-Sea in the beautiful North Yorkshire until seven friends banded together to win a whopping one million pounds from the lotto by finding the winning ticket in a kitchen plant pot. To further elaborate on this, the lotto prize from the twenty-eighth of April had never been claimed so it was still up for win as nobody claimed to have the winning ticket. The reason nobody claimed to have the winning ticket was because it was hiding in a plant pot in one man’s kitchen. That man was called Steve Row, and he decided he was going to see if any money could be won from this ticket and let’s just say he was in awe at what happened next.

Steve Row who is a thirty-eight-year-old steel fixer was in complete shock when the cashier behind the counter had told him that he had won big money. Mr Row described the encounter with the cashier to the Daily Mail by saying,” When the lady behind the counter said: “You have won big here,” I just said to her: “Don’t be silly!” Moreover, she replied saying: “No, really, it is a big winning ticket.”

Once Mr Row was told this life changing information he could not wait to tell the rest of his syndicate. The syndicate consisted of the pub’s landlady Joan Fawcett, her two daughters Rebecca and Rachel and two other employees of the pub Samantha Percival and Emma Oxendale. When it came to talking about the other members of the team Row had this to say,” It is just wonderful to think that all of us are so close. We are all like family, even if we are not related we are the closest of friends and have been for most of our lives.” It is important to note that the group decided to become part of a syndicate after meeting at the luxurious Queen’s Hotel in Saltburn.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the only group of friends and family that have won the lotto in the recent past. For example, in the year of 2015, a family syndicate banded together to win a whopping £61 million in the EuroMillions lottery. This meant with this money divided up among the entire family each family member would receive a whopping £12.2 million each.

The picture above shows the entire family celebrating together with champagne when they found out they had won the lottery. In the picture we have, the mother of the family Sonia Davies and her partner Keith Reynolds. Besides the couple, there are Sonia’s two daughters Stephanie and Courtney, and then at the very right of the picture, there is Stephanie’s boyfriend, Stephen Powell.

To conclude this article, it is important to say that the lottery holds the power to change lives forever. This is why so many people in syndicates can get jealous when they feel that someone in that group does not deserve their share of the money. A reason for some people feeling that way would be because they feel that in their syndicate a certain person had not paid enough money into the lotto to win much money. For example, in the year of 2013, there was a syndicate that was made up of sixteen members from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency in Swansea and this team won £1 million. This meant that each member of the syndicate would win £62,500 between them. However, many in the syndicate felt that three teammates were not paying enough into the lotto to be able to win much money. This would mean that excluding these three members would result in the rest of the team receiving an extra sum of £14,423 for each person in the team. I should also note that this issue is still not resolved as the latest reports show that recently Camelot had to become involved with this issue.

By Matthew Mullane


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